KwaZulu-Natal Freight Databank

This Data Bank provides one with information about authorities within the province, industries, air freight, ports, cross border, rail and roads sectors in the KZN. The statistics will provide you with detailed information about the movements of freight in the province.  (Last Updated : 2013)

Cross Border


The main border post on the KwaZulu-Natal – Swaziland border is Golela (in Swaziland, Lavumisa). The border post consists of a road access point with a customs inspection shed and clearing facilities. It is equipped with offices for customs and immigration officials. The access, via boom-controlled entry points from the South African and Swaziland sides, is a spacious layout with adequate amenities for processing existing traffic. The border post is scheduled for upgrading.

The border crossing also includes the rail link between Swaziland and South Africa, with extensive shunting and marshalling facilities on the South African side.

Cross Border Traffic

The average number of persons crossing the border in both directions is approximately 750,000 per annum.


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Road traffic is shown in the table below



Road freight includes a considerable amount of fuel transported by road from South Africa, as well as Swaziland export traffic comprising of paper, fruit, sugar, and general cargo. The total volume of freight transported per annum is approximately 4.7 million tons per annum.

Rail traffic crossing the border amounts to approximately 4.3million tons per annum, the largest proportion of which is Magnetite – an iron oxide mineral– and fertiliser and transits the Swaziland railway system via Golela. Rail traffic also includes a large amount of Swaziland export traffic and imports from South Africa.

Open hours

The border is open from 07h00 to 22h00 each day for road traffic. Rail traffic is accommodated 24 hours per day.

Border Facilities

The border post is equipped to handle immigration, police matters, customs and clearance, and there is an agricultural inspectorate on site.

Kosi Bay (Manguze)


There is a non-commercial border crossing to the north of Kosi Bay, leading into Mozambique. The border post is between Kosi Bay and Ponto do Ouro, approximately 167 kms north of Mkuze.

Open hours

The border crossing is open from 08h00 to 16h00 each day for road traffic only, and does not offer customs clearance or agricultural inspection. However, it does have immigration facilities and a police presence.


Sani Pass


The border post is located at GPS coordinate S29.36.11 and E29.20.22, approximately 30 km from Himeville on the lower Lotini Road. The Sani Pass border post is in the Drakensberg National Park, and is regarded as a non- commercial border post due to the absence of customs clearing facilities. The border post offers immigration facilities and a police presence.

Open hours

The Sani Pass border post is open from 08h00 to 16h00 each day.

Kosi Bay Border Post
Golela Border Post
Sani Pass Border Post

Kosi Bay Border Post

The border between Mozambique and South Africa is divided into two segments, separated by the kingdom of Swaziland. The northern segment, which is 410 kilometres (255 mi) long,[1] runs north-south along the Lebombo Mountains from Zimbabwe to Swaziland. The southern segment, which is 81 kilometres (50 mi) long,[1] runs east-west across Maputaland from Swaziland to the Indian Ocean.

Golela Border Post

This is the Swaziland border post at the south eastern corner of Swaziland

Sani Pass Border Post

Access to Lesotho: only 4 wheel drive vehicles