KwaZulu-Natal Freight Databank

This Data Bank provides one with information about authorities within the province, industries, air freight, ports, cross border, rail and roads sectors in the KZN. The statistics will provide you with detailed information about the movements of freight in the province.  (Last Updated : 2013)

Intermodal Freight

Durban Container Terminals

The port of Durban handles the greatest volume of sea-going traffic of any port in southern Africa. In 2011/2012 approximately 36,425,335 tons (2,698,173 TEUs) were handled of which imports were 1,121,216, exports were 1,077,265 and 499,692 cargo was handled by rail at the terminal. Containers handled at Durban represented 62 percent of the total number handled at South African ports.

The annual capacity of Container Terminal Pier 1 is 0.7 million TEUs and Pier 2 is 2.1 million TEUs.


The PX Shed (at Durban)

This large shed included an autosort facility, constructed during the 1970s. With the demise of rail- based PX services during the mid-1990s the shed became surplus and was sub-let to a number of tenants. The autosort facility was subsequently scrapped.


Other PX Shed facilities

All former PX and most CX (for domestic) traffic has disappeared. The large shed at Ladysmith has not been used for its intended purpose for a number of years, and was used for a time to store out-of-use locomotives. The facility is still intact but it is unlikely that it will be used again for its intended business.

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